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Ants in my pants....ants in my pants, and Momma strings



I am feeling like I have ants in my pants! I am nearly a week away from my departure to San Diego/Tijuana and I am feeling so ready! I am not one to wish away time, because I believe time is precious.

I have "things" to do before I leave. Like packing for my trip, which should take a few minutes. Me being a practical person, I am packing fairly light. So that is really not a big deal. I do need to loose some more weight.....darn it! I am holding steady at 9-10 lbs. Dr. Miranda asked me to loose 15. Oh boy....have to wonder if that will happen? At anyrate, I have been told not to stress, that odds are I will not be turned away from surgery.

I am looking forward to this trip. It does make me a bit sad to leave my husband and son behind. I have not been away from my son since his birth. You see we don't have family in town, so no grammy coming over to swope him up for a night. Seems that is what I am stuck on. I know my husband can care for him, that is not the issue at all. It's the momma strings!

I am doing this for all of us, not only myself. I want my husband to look at me with that hubba hubba look again. Not to mention I want our bedroom romance to get better and better! I'd love to chase my son around and run and play. Right now, I am so big it is difficult to get up and down from the floor. So sad, I have let myself get lost in the fat that surrounds me. The band will be my moderator! For that I am so greatful!

Well, I wanted to put some thoughts down on paper. Here is to just over a week left! Ya-hoo baby! I can barely wait! Let's get this party started!


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