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I told Mandi today



So...I am not telling *everyone* what I am doing. My boss and fellow employees at job #1 just know that I'm flying to San Diego with Linda. My kids and their husbands know and they are VERY excited for me. A few people at job #2 know (one there just had Gastric Bypass about six months ago, and she is TOTALLY jacked for me!). Linda knows (she's been banded since October of '06 and she's offered to go with me for the surgery).

Today, I told Mandi. She doesn't want me to do it. Thinks it's too expensive and I should just diet more. How frustrating for me...she doesn't *get* that I've dieted my whole life away! It's not about dieting, although watching what I eat will consume a TON of time/energy for me, I'm sure.

I'm concerned that she's going to be one of those friends who, once you've lost some weight and feel better about yourself, tries to sabotage your weight loss/healthy life efforts. I guess if she turns out to be one, then I'll just deal with it then.

I'm going to go to lunch with Dee later this week or early next week, whenever I get the Scentsy in for her, and tell her. I know that she's been thinking about having it done, too, ever since Linda had hers done. I think she's waiting for the money from the sale of her grandparents land before she can do anything, though. It would be awesome if there were any way she could pull it off that she could go down with me the same time.

Time will tell who my *real* friends are...


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