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Wow! I am *so* out of shape!



Holy crap! You know how you really don't notice how much weight you've gained until you see a picture of yourself and then you're in shock for a minute at how fat you are?

Yeah, I got the same reaction this morning, only it was about how out of shape I am. I already *know* I'm fat! Holy crap...got on my new treadmill for six minutes on Sunday and for seven minutes last night. This morning, my tummy muscles are sore! From walking! 13 minutes of walking and I'm sore.

This is going to be a long ugly journey.

The good news is that I know I can do it. I just have to keep on keeping on!

For my transformation, I have a whole arsenal at my disposal and I plan on using every single bit of it.

1. Lapband (physical)

2. Life mapping/hypnosis (mental/emotional)

3. Treadmill (physical)

4. Linda (mental/emotional)

5. Family and friends (mental/emotional)

Yup, I'm gonna use every single bit of ammo I have and when this little butterfly comes out of her cocoon, there's gonna be a party!


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