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Getting all my ducks in a row



Slowly, things are totally coming together. I've bought the Smart Stick hand blender and all the post-op food and powdered protein supplements that I'm going to need, with the exception of the fresh fruit I'll need for my fruit puree's. I'll get that the night before I leave.

I've bought liquid vitamins and dissolvable Gas-X, as well as a fresh supply of band-aids and first-aid ointment, cuz who knows how long the other ointment has been in my medicine cabinet? Could have been there for decades; I never use it.

I've bought a treadmill and have even been using it! (no falling over from shock in the audience, please!) I don't go very fast and I don't go very long, but I *am* using it. And I can tell it in my calves, which is good.

My kitchen scale, so I can accurately measure what I'm eating, should arrive today in the mail.

My DietMinder journal and the newest food listing book arrived last week. Yeah, I've covered them with scrapbook paper and dolled them up so they look better...a little bit more personalized...a little bit more like skye!

I start my pre-op diet on Monday.

I've been seeing Susan (my 'coach') for a month now and I talk to Linda (my 'mentor') *at least* once a day, sometimes three or four times a day!

Everyone with whom I've shared my decision for weight loss surgery has been MORE than understanding. Some are asking very pointed questions and I have no doubt that as they see me lose, they will be considering the surgery themselves.

Yup, things are coming together nicely.


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