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3 weeks of BOOT CAMP starts today!!



Ok so we all know that exercise is a big part of losing inches and reaching our goals and I have been pretty lax about it lately. I was going really hard core back around Easter time and that month did really well with my weight loss and since over the last 2 months I've lost only 7-8lbs (not that those numbers are terrible but if I can achieve that with little or no exercise then I want to see what 3 weeks of hard core working out can do for me!! Plus I've got a goal of 175 by July 4th which seems pretty impossible as of right now with out working out...

So why now you ask, besides the goal part my son left this morning to go to his grandparents house in Dallas for 3 weeks and since I'm finished with most of my work projects I've got nothing but time and ZERO excuses for not getting my butt off the couch!! So I am putting myself thought a workout boot camp of sorts- going balls to the wall, biggest loser style for the next 3 weeks..

So what will I be doing? Well to me Boot Camp means 3-4 workouts PER DAY (each one lasting 30 min - 1hr each) I was an infomercial junkie when I was trying to lose the weight on my own so many of the DVD's that I will be doing you might of heard of before but here's my plan:

Morning Workout - Lower Energy Stretch/Strength Workout

Options: Yoga DVD, Fluidity Ballet Bar Workout DVD, Windsor Pilates DVD etc

After Breakfast Workout- High Energy Cardio Workout

Tae Bo DVD, Turbo Jam DVD, Step Aerobics DVD etc

Mid Day Workout- Dance/Fun Workout

Hip Hop Abs DVD, Yoga Booty Ballet DVD, Hula Girl DVD etc

Evening Workout- Strengh Training Workout

Slim in 6 Advanced DVD, or any version of the other I mentioned that include weights or resistance bands

Now I know that working out means adding pounds of muscle so I'm not going to obess too much about the scale I am at 190 as of today (I gained a pound over the weekend from bad eating so that's my start weight I will be taking measurements in the morning so I can count the inches lost and of course for those of you that know me I am a picture junkie so I had to take some "before" shots today



So that's where I started from, I know I can stick to it... I may post my workouts daily who knows, but I will be taking pics each monday to track my progress!!

Thanks for reading!!


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You are so cute and candid with your posts and pics. I am motivated by you always. I want to start more than walking but have 4 more days to go...not counting for the exercise part but you know already for the SOLID foods that come with it!!! Thanks for being you

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