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Thinking... Easy isn't all it's cracked up to be.



Where is it that we lose motivation? What is it in the personality of the people who don't?

I was thinking on those questions while driving to work this morning.

You know we've all done it. We're ready to lose weight. We've cleaned out our cabinets. Shopped for healthy fair. Read books. Made promises to ourselves. Bought a new scale. I've done these things so many times.

Best intentions. We recognize we're not healthy and for some reason (appearance, health, pressures) we decide we're going to get healthy (let's call it what it is... SKINNY!!).

Where do we fall off the wagon? Why is it easy day one, day five - but you hit around day ten and it is just hard.

Because it's EASY to stop and just pick up a burger. Because it's EASY to grab a bag of cookies. (and then proceed to work on the whole bag) EASY.





I'm going to have to think of better EASY sayings - but that's it. We like food being easy. I like food being easy. I have so much to do and to worry about the quality of food I'm putting in my body - and then the amount of food - is maddening. It's tiring.

But I'll tell you what's more tiring - not being able to bend over and touch your toes. No being able to walk up and down a flight of stairs.


So here's to fighting easy.

Any help with coming up with better forms of EASY?

Much love.


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