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Fill Day - Thinking Thin



So I'm reading a book on 'thinking thin' - it goes through different exercises (not physical) on how to change your thinking.

One of the big things it talks about is accepting when you make a 'mistake' (eat something you know you shouldn't) and then rewiring your brain from 'failure' to picking yourself up and moving forward.

I think many people who have worked on their weight have dealt with this. You have a day where you have totally eaten the whole quart of icecream, or three brownies, that whole plate of enchiladas, the work potluck and more... and then figured we've already 'messed up' so the next chocolate chip cookie (or four) won't matter.

But you see - because we want healthy bodies, it does matter. And a huge turning point for me is realizing that the occasional trip doesn't mean failure. More often than not - it means I get to work on my muscle building in the area of controlling myself.

So - today's fill went fantastically. I've lost five pounds, the doctor was pleased, the nurse and I had an interesting chat and the fill was simple.

The talk with the nurse was interesting - she told me that protein shakes are not ideal for banders. Also she had the opinion that milk isn't good for banders - in any form. I am a fan of low-fat cheese - and boost protein shakes. I have such hectic mornings that it's really hard to find time for breakfast, and I've learned that if I don't make time for breakfast ... well, then I over eat the rest of the day. So in as much as I appreciated her opinion, what I'm doing now seems to be working for me.

Feeling good...

... feeling accomplished.

Much love.

- Simone


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