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if our world falls down tomorrow you be sure i'll be there with a net to catch the pieces falling and i was always there




-i haven't lost any weight since last month. really really annoying but at the same time it's not like i was eating the best foods either. at least i'm maintaining and clothes look real good on me. but i do not wish to remain 188lbs forever so i'm kick starting it up again ^_^

-i ordered the p90x for me and mom. its an early birthday present for her and we're going to do it together. i know you're wondering you ordered from an infomercial?! well technically yes but actually my boss had recommended it to me. he's been on it for a month now and the other day he walked in wearing a small gray tshirt and he looked GREAT! and i literally stopped and stared. i was like wow mark you are getting ripped! and he was like p90x...so i was like i'm sold! anyway that arrives thursday from canada. i love canada and canadians. i'm seriously impressed they can switch from english to french without hesitation..very impressive.

- i've been going to the gym for the past two days. i was on the stair master yesterday and i literally was cursing up a storm. that is the toughest hardest thing in the whole entire world! i was sweating and my thighs were burning. i wanted to jump off of it because i felt like i couldn't take it anymore. i was panting and whispering the same swear word over and over again and i'm sure some people heard me because as they passed me they were staring at me sooooo yeahh...anyway i was like what this is really hard ok! beads of sweat ran down my face and i kept telling myself just 15 more minutes just 10 more just 5 more..i put it on that fat burn workout so it gave me different resistance and omg it was seriously torture! but i did it! tonight i'm getting on that bad boy again and hopefully i'll keep the swear word to myself.

-Gio has been in NewYorkCity with Diana since Wednesday. that's why i've been able to do whatever i've want for the past few days ;] he doesn't come back till wednesday next week. he's currently fighting with Diana because he told me she's stingy and stupid...ohwow...i told him to be nice and enjoy his time there. i mean it's so pointless fighting and not having a good time somewhere you've never been before just because of something really silly. Gio wants to go to 5th avenue but diana wants to go to the museum. and of course diana wins because they are there with her family so gio really has no say...i know gio is soooo unbelievably pissed because he has control issues and likes things his way or no way. you get the point, but that's gio for you. i'm sure they'll work it out but he made her cry because she recently broke up with her boyfriend well he broke up with her which is even worse because he's sooo hottt..umm sorry but he is anyway he told her wasn't happy anymore...i don't know i mean who talks like that "i'm not happy anymore" . i would be like look you piss me off ok and have a list of cons to tell that person as evidence for me breaking up with them. so it's not like you can be surprised that someone is breaking up with you. if someone gave me a list of bad qualities i would be like wow i do suck..you can't just leave someone with "i'm not happy anymore". you better give me proof! well anyway gio tells her " you're just acting this way because you have no boyfriend and have pimples all over your face".... :o i was just like gio how could you?...then she started crying..gio is so insensitive and brutal with his words. i would know he's made me cry plenty but now i ignore him and tell him to shove it :D but anyway i told him i love him and to be happy. that's all gio needs to hear. he's really simple like that. he has a temper like no other but after he's done, he can't stay mad at you and all he wants is to know you love him. and of course give him what he wants hahaaa but he'll do anything for you and anything you say if you say please and thank you. he really is that simple.

-Jeri is in NYC too. hahaaa she just got there today and said she took a bus around the corner and it took her an hour just to get around the corner hahahaaa. she's going to be in vegas tuesday the day before gio gets back. we're going to see harry potter that night! eeeep! so excited for this! i've been all about harry potter since i was 15! and now it's kinda almost ending...how sad but it needs to end i can't be 30 and still into harry potter can i???! sure i can!

-so i've been buying these form fitting tight dresses from american apparel and they look soooo good on me. i'm even impressed hahaaaa but just even 20 more lbs the dresses would probably look even better. so i'm thinking i probably don't need to lose too much more weight but we'll see ;)



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