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bring it




-Lost 4lbs :D

-i can't believe i only have 50ish more lbs to lose before i'm normal.

-i love how people ask me oh how much more weight do you want to lose and I'll say 50 and they just go OH NO you want to be a toothpick or something?! and i just laugh then they tell me just 25 that's it. obviously they don't know how much i weigh. most people think i weigh 150, max probably 170. i just tell them i need to weigh what's healthy for my height, which is honestly the truth.

-i still can't fit into my bridesmaid dress. i have one month and i'm a bit worried. it just won't zip in the chest area! and i'm really small on top! it's making me nervous...

-got the p90x. starting today, actually right now after i get done typing this :lol:

-i decided to do the intense fitness workout because i really don't want anymore surgery. I really don't think I should have too much of a problem with excess skin as long as I can really tighten it up. I mean I did a week of nothing but squats and my thighs tightened up real quick, but then of course i stopped and they got all jiggly again. So maybe if i just exercise everything will tighten up on its own and i won't have to get surgery. especially with this p90x ;)

-wish me luck ^_^



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