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A Clean Slate



Happy Friday! Today is September 11th, 2009 and I want to take a moment to remember and honor those who past, lost, became a hero, in the terror attack on the USA. I will not forget....

When I listen to people speak of their experiences it moves me so much. I get emotional. I will not forget that day. Eight years later, I feel it. The sights I witnessed will be burned into my memory.


Today is "A Clean State" day. I have had a few terrible food days, I will admit. Today is the day I turn it around, make the best of my food choices. I am striving for momentum today. When I do the right things, I feel good. When I feel good, I want to make good choices. When I make good choices I feel good! See how it works for me!?

I have no "devil" cookies in my office. No "No No" foods in reach. I am setting myself up for success!

It's Friday! Whoop! I weighed in today. Holding steady at 250! What a blessing considering what I did to myself the past few days. Thank heavens I will be posting good foods today on my log. Frankly it feels terrible to post the Ugly. Since I am into feeling good, that day has past.

I am wearing another shirt that I was unable to wear before. What a great feeling that gives me inside. I am loosing inches, yes indeed! Sweet inches! I decided not to take my measurements. I know it would be amazing to know how many I have lost, but I think ignorance is bliss. I don't want to know how large I was. I may very well wish I had choose different later, but it is a self preservation action on my behalf. As mentioned previously 100% honestly does have a tendency to leave me feeling 100% dysfunctional.

On my drive in this morning, I was thinking of my eating over the past 2 days. I realized that I lost sight of my mini goals. So! Today, I am reaffirming my next goal to myself. Today I am setting at 250, my next goal is to see the numbers 248.9 on the scale. That is my thirty lbs gone mark! Keeping my eye on the prize! I am close, so close. With each great food day I put together, I come one step closer to the next great feeling! It feels good to be addicted to feeling good!

Let's feel good together and make good food choices today!


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