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Almost One Week Post-Op



So I had surgery last Wednesday and I am doing pretty well. I went shopping on Revolucion Ave the day after surgery and did some San Diego sight seeing on Friday. When I got home on Saturday, I was exhausted but felt pretty good after some rest. Almost all my soreness is gone except at the port.. and all my scars are hardly gonna be noticable except the bigger one. I am burping a lot.. lol.. but I guess that is better than not being able to burp like I have heard some say.

I stayed on clears until last night.. I had a nonfat yogurt.. which I think may have contributed more to my gassiness.. but its not too bad. I am still not feeling much hunger. I have been drinking a lot of water and tea.. hopefully that is okay.

As of today.. I have lost 5lbs since surgery, so that is awesome! I guess I better enjoy it for the next few weeks before I enter BandHell..lol! It is hard sometimes getting past the mental hunger issues. I cooked my kids a pizza last night and it was hard not to eat some, I just remembered that thin would be better than pizza and the money I just spent to get this tool!! It is funny to really start to notice how much I ate when I really wasnt hungry.. it was either out of habit, stress, or just because the food was there!

This looks to be an interesting and great journey! Thin life.... HERE I COME!!!!! :D


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Wow thats awesome. Really encouraging. I'm getting my bandid on Wednesday (three days!) and ive never had surgery so im a tad nervous. By the way what is Bandhell?

You've got me a lil worried now.


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Angela, You will be fine, OCC is awesome and the whole experience was very easy. BandHell is what they call the time from when you go off liquids until you get your first fill. Many people have very little restriction or none at all. Some either dont lose weight or gain a little back! No worries though it doesnt last very long!

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AngelaMcG - have you tried wind mill movements with your arms? or putting your arms above your head and moving them about? This should help move the gas out and maybe even allow you to burp.....

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