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oh em gee it's december already!



i can't believe it! i'm going to be 24 in 19 days! blahhhh so i've been at the same weight for several months. at least i'm not gaining but i figure that hershey's chocolate creme pie isn't doing me any good either...

my hand is good. healing nicely the doctor says.

so i'm dating that sf guy now, but i told him i didn't want a relationship like boyfriend/girlfriend. he was really upset about it, but eh what can i do..he lives in sf i live in vegas. well speaking of that i'm moving to sf with jeri! we're hoping it can be for the new year but that's coming up real fast. (but that doesn't mean i'm going to be his girlfriend when i move there tho)

gio is really upset with me for even thinking about moving. but i told him i need to move on with my life. so he's been distancing himself from me. we got into really really huge fights the past couple of weeks. i know our relationship is crazy and i always talk about how much he hurts me, but i do love him. i love him with all my heart but our relationship is not healthy. definitely not healthy..

he got arrested in miami for "obstruction of justice"..i guess that attitude and mouth of his got him in big trouble. he spent the whole day in jail while i was hanging with this other guy i was dating in miami. oh yeah i was dating this guy in miami but i pretty much broke it off because he wanted to be exclusive and i told him no. i know you're probably thinking what's wrong with you girl can you not commit?? well no i can't. not right now anyway..i'm only 23 they are older than me well they're both 28 i mean not too much older but guys at that age are looking for something more serious and i'm sorry but i cannot give them what they are looking for. but it's hardly called hanging out when the whole day you're trying to get your friend out of jail then driving all the way to north miami to find the bailsbondman to pay 400 dollars to..but gio was fine and he was just happy to get out of jail. the next day we sunbathed on the beach. then when we got home we got into a fight and i ran away to sf. then that's when i realized i needed to move to sf because that's where i was happy, free, and could finally live my life as an independent adult..i guess...

anyway i'm learning how to play the guitar. my friend Luis and I are going to post some youtube videos of us collaborating haha. oh yeah i can sing. so i wanted to learn how to play the guitar so i can make some acoustic songs of my own. i'll probably post the link here so you can see. ok going to watch movies now bye!

<3 Mal (:

edit: i've been looking at everyone's progress and i feel like i'm falling behind. so i'm going to get moving again. hopefully my next pic update will include 50lbs gone.


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