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Tight! Yes mamma I am tight!



A few word before I get started ranting about what's new. I want to say thank you to each of you who reads my randomness. I love getting your messages, questions and thoughts. It feels good to get to know you and I really appeciate you taking the time to comment.


To any guy who reads this, you may as well stop now if women speak bugs you. I will be sharing about being tight with a fill; but the reason why it's a women thing! You have been forewarned.


So, I am having my monthly cycle, and boy can I tell. I have tightened up fo sho! Drinking coffee, I am A-OK. No issue what so ever. Drinking a cold beverage, wow can I ever tell the difference! I've up to fill number 5, been able to drink as much as I wanted anytime I have wanted. There has been 2 times where I took a normal size drink of room temp liquid that I could feel either it get held up or drain slowly. Boy does it come as a surprise!

Now I have read over and over that some bandsters struggle with getting there liquids in. Some even suck on ice cubes during the day to help out. I never understood why drinking was so hard. I manage to drink 3 – 20 oz vitamin waters a day, plus coffee. Now I understand what they are meaning now. The shoe is on the other foot. Getting liquids in is more of a challenge when you have some whoop ass restriction! I am still on my 1st bottle of water at 10:15.

Today is the first day that I have not loosened up while the day progressed. I was going to eat a scrambled egg for breakfast today, but decided to pass when I noticed I was snug!

It's mid morning and I have not had anything. WOW! Yet another indicator that my fill level is good! I don't want to run my band so snug that I go to slider foods or pass on foods that are good for me. That being said, I will tolerate a week out of the month for hormonal reasons. At this point in the game, I am not in to drinking everything and doing it so slow! It will be interesting to see when my band relaxes again…..I'll be sure to blog about that.

Wouldn't you know it!! today is pizza day at work. I have a feeling I will only be eating the toppings from the pizza. Is my band passive aggressive?! Does she know I am eating in a group setting, and having pizza no less…ha! I am kidding but geesh!

I have to say it is kinds nice to feel the restriction that is spoke of. It's always surprised me when others share about feeling the liquids drain and getting a gurgle. I can say now, that I know what it feels like to feel it drain….still waiting on the gurgle sound.

Alright, hope ya'll are doing good and living the life of your dreams!


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