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What the H***



Wow I have never had my own blog before! I feel so independent and uplifted, if that’s even a word. I shall call this first posting Episode 1, because in the back of my mind, I have always thought my life was a soap opera, no no more like a reality/game show. Well about 1 month ago I decided to "take the plunge", NO not get married silly (I know that’s what you were thinking), GET LAPBAND!! I have always thought about it, but then I would look myself in the mirror and say" Olivia, you can do this yourself", then of course go have McDonalds and then think if I went to the gym for an hour it would be as if I had never ate anything, hey give me a break the logic always seemed to work. Then one "normal" day my husband and I went to the movies, and got some popcorn and a soda with YUMMY theater butter!! OMG I am going to miss that!! And then I sat in the movie seat and went to put the drink holder down between us, and then in my mind I yelled out...” WHAT THE H***!!!”, and you may be wondering “why would she be yelling in her mind??” well because I was in the movie theater silly pants, I may be overweight but I still have manners. GOODNESS!! But I digress, when I went to put the divider down to hold my beloved iced cold Dr.Pepper, OOPs sorry I mean Mr.Pib, because San Antonio movie theaters are ghetto and can't carry a decent brand. Going On....the holder was practically squeezing my legs together so tight I could have cracked a walnut between then. I almost had to go SOUTH SIDE on myself, I was like "OH H*** NO!!", and it was at that very moment I decided to put my pride, and vanity aside and take the plunge. Now I won't be having the surgery till June but like everyone else I am still preparing. And I hope to find awesome people who are doing the same. I want all Bannders (LAPBAND PEEPS), to find my blog as a place to laugh and cry, and be able to tell themselves “its ok!!", and we can make it through this.

Your #1 Fan, Olivia Beecham


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