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Tues 1/19/10



Hi there. This is my first blog ever--of any kind. Let's begin.

Today was a day from Hell! I was gone Thurs and Fri of last week getting banded with Dr. Hollywood. :D So there was a ton of work for me to catch up on. Phone was nuts, patients were nuts, office mates were nuts. It was a NUT of a DAY! Plus the storms! Here's what I ate today.

3 cups chicken broth 45 cal

1.5 cup miso soup broth 45 cal

32oz crystal lite water 20 cal

16oz apple juice/water mix ?

16oz cranberry/water mix ?

4 fudgecicles - 240 cal alone.

Maybe 500 cal max? Is that good? I don't know.

I'm feeling pretty good though. Almost like I can go beyond 7 days of clear liquids. I emailed the Dr to see what she says about that.

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