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Wanting band success



I hate writing but I hate dieting more!!! So I decided I need to get my unsuccessful approach to this band gig out in the open and beg for help!!! I was banded the end of Oct 09 in Tijuana. I was hopeful this would be a miracle to my addiction!!! BUT guess what..I have only lost about 20 lbs in almost 6 mo. I know most people would think that would be awesome BUT I expected more. Lately I have been thinking about my little weight loss and why I haven't succeeded as much as I should have. I have been tightened twice since having being banded and trust me ITS TIGHT!!! Ok so why haven't I lost the weight??? Well I am blaming it on my hormones or thyroid(hum) that's what I was blaming it on before...even after having all of the above checked out. None of these test came out abnormal. So what is the real problem I am asking myself, as I sit here this morning and my fingers are so swelled up that I can't get my ring off or that the jeans I wore to Tijuana the day of surgery still fit like a glove. Just to think about what I ate yesterday.....Breakfast 2 cups of coffee with creamer...no breakfast...tortilla chips(out of the bag) chocolate hershey kisses (1/2 bag) 3/4 Chik fa la fried chicken sandwich (chocked that one down) 1/2 bag of baked chips(large bag)...anyone see the hormone or thyroid problems in my diet?? This is just one day of eating and then I ask myself "Why am I not losing weight?" Today is going to be the day that I hold myself accountable for my eating actions!!! Maybe today will be the day that The Band will start being the TOOL I need it to be!!!!


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I have not been banded yet, my date is March 23, 2010. But I would like to say that in previous attempts to lose weight, I kept a food journal. And if you be really honest when you do it, as you are writing you are thinking "what the hell am I doing?" I know I have sabotaged myself in the past but you could consider a food journal and keep yourself aware every single day of what you are eating. I did lose 60 lbs by eating healthier at one point, but it all came back. I have emotional eating. And I need to control it. I hope all goes well for you and wish you the best!

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Good for you on being honest with yourself. I came to the same place as you are now. I'd do anything to lose weight I thought, except diet and exercise. I'd eat my healthy meal and then when I was hungry eat the one I wanted to eat anyway. But since I just had chicken and broccoli for lunch I thought my diet was broken. Forget the trip to Taco Bell I made on the way to pick up my son from school.

I also quit calling myself overweight. I'm fat for crying out loud. Yes, I'm overweight but I also fall into the fat category. Yes, I know, it's a hurtful mean word, but it's also true and that's what hurts the most. How on earth can I be offended when other people notice I'm fat? I'm blocking their field of vision!! How can they not notice?! lol

Anyway, all the best to you. I pray you meet the success that you desire and more importantly, achieve the health your body and spirit need.

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I am there with you! the minute I start to be aware of what is going my throat that is the moment I start loosing weight. The lap band is only a tool, but ice cream still fits just fine. I have to go and get another fill, yet more important I have to start being true to it and eating healthier. Here is to us!!

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