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getting started



I have 1 wonderful, healthy little boy that is almost 3 years old. He came 8 weeks early because of high blood pressure. He weighed 2lbs 13oz at birth. Being a premie is such a risk for the child. I really want another child, but must get in control of my blood pressure. So I am starting this journey with the lap band to enable me to be a healthy mom for the child I have & for the child I want.


38 years old

Height: 5'4"

Decision weight: 229, on 1 blood pressure medication, labetalol

7/14/2008, Dr visit blood pressure 190/102, started 2nd blood pressure medication, procardia xl

7/16/2008, Emergency room visit 150/80, pumped full of stuff to make me feel better

7/18/2008, Dr visit blood pressure 160/102, started 3rd medication (diuretic).

ER visit because of high blood pressure & migraine. I was put on a diuretic and lost about 6 pounds water in 3 days. I am doing th pre-opt diet #2 for 3 weeks instead of 2.

Current Weight: 219

Preopt weight:

Band date: 8/1/2008

First Fill: 9/13/2008 at Fill Center USA, Roswell, Ga.

Goal weight: 130


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