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Tomorrow is band day.....So scared...



I am in Tijuana now. I had all my pre-op tests today and I am good to have the surgery tomorrow. I was worried because Friday I went to the urgent care back home and had a UTI, so I am on anti-biotics for that. I was afraid I wasn't going to be able to do the surgery. Then today, I had a surprise monthly visitor during my flight to San Diego. How wonderful. :-( I am sure you know about the airplane bathrooms.....can barely get in let alone do anything in there. So that was a bummer, thought I had another 3-4 days before that would happen. I am staying at the Lucerna, and I really like it. There is a wonderful Mexican restaraunt diagonally across the street, next to a pharmacy. The best food ever!!! Our favorite food ever is fajitas, and theirs were awesome. I didn't care for the tortilla soup, I thought it tasted like ravioli. I am not a big guacamole person, but theirs was amazing! I have only eaten it once before and liked it. Then across the street there is a convenience store, and we got some gatorade, bottled water, drinkable yogurt, they have normal convenience store stuff there. And all the places we have been will convert the price to US dollars if you want and u can pay with US dollars. Just as an example at the Mexican restaraunt we had 1 order fajitas, tortilla soup, 2 bottled waters, 2 beers, and they brought chicken broth(that comes with a meal)and some kind of desert too. The US total was 16.42! I think we will go back again after the band and I will have that chicken broth. It does have some chicken and rice other stuff in it but I will just take the broth (it was mostly broth anyway). There is a Dominos across the street from here, if anyone's husband is interested in that. I saw a Office Depot down the street. Watch out for the drivers when walking though, they are crazy!

My experience so far here has been nice but I am terrified of surgery! I have panic disorder and terrible anxiety, and I am just so scared about it. I am hoping that I will see others at the clinic tomorrow and they can help me get excited rather than terrified. I really liked Dr. Miranda, and the other staff were nice too. I haven't met Dr. Ortiz yet. The hotel staff seem very eager to please and help out with where places are and whatever you need. So I am pleased with the hotel. And they have free wireless internet in the room. I am a little disappointed that there is no refrigerator or microwave, but I plan to use the coffee pot to get hot water for my boullion cubes. Most everyone we come in contact with can speak English, but some is not so good, so you have to rephrase and do the best you can. But the hotel staff all seem to speak English well. Well any words of encouragement would be greatly appreciated and I will post again as soon as I can.


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You're going to do great. Luckily the clinic will give you some "chill pills" before surgery so that your anxiety doesn't get away from you. Sometimes you just have to push through the worry and tell yourself that this decision is one that you made to better your life.

surgery will come and go so fast you won't even realize what's happened. The doctor's at OCC I do sincerely believe have a passion for what they do and how they help people and they are blessed doing the work that they do. Why else would all of the patients that they have had - have such high regard for them?

I am a worry wart myself as I experienced a great tragedy early on in my life. So I've lived with this constant fear of death/dying my whole life which has really stopped me from living life. Being a single mom too made me all that more worried that if I went through with this surgery that I would leave my son behind. I always told myself if at any point I didn't feel comfortable at the clinic I would not go through with it. But everything from the driver, the hotel, the facility and the staff made me feel like I was in expert care. and I came out of surgery feeling better than any other surgical procedure experience I have ever had. I don't regret it one bit.

My thoughts and prayers are with you tomorrow and I'm so excited for you that you will be on this journey in your life.

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i am still saving for my surgery, looking to do it end of may - begining of june. This is so great your doing this, don't worry about a thing! Remember you are adding years to your life! I am so envious , I hope I can come up with what i need and get my surgery done soon too. please let me know about your experience, btw what kind of pre-op tests did they do? oh well get some rest, you have a big day , I will pray for you. This is so exciting!

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I'm so glad you've posted your progress. Everything will be okay....I come in on Sunday and I'm just like you a little nervous and excited at the same time :rolleyes: .....I also have to have a hernia repaired so I praying that the pain won't be any greater or the recovery any longer. I am so blessed to have you guys for support.

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Pre -op tests for me were blood test, which is why they need u fasting, meeting with nutritionist, ekg, and lung test (blowing in a tube 1 time). That part went fast.

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Thanks so much for your post. I have 22 days until I go for surgery ( just think by then you will be done with liquid phase yippie). I found it so informative. You answered questions that I was unsure of & gave me a sence of relief. I was thinking I needed to take bottled water, broth, etc but if there is a store that close I am not fooling with it. I hope things are going well and you are pain free. Let me know how you are doing.

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Today is my last day in Tijuana. We went to the Revolution Street Market (shopping street similiar to the Old Strip in Vegas or Bourbon Street in New Orleans). Lots of souvineers. It was fun, but you have to barter. I would rather just see a price tag and take it or leave it. The Lucerna provides 2 bottles of water per day, when they clean your room and they have a restaraunt in the hotel that my husband likes a lot. He has brought me up some tea and stuff from there. They do have a coffee pot in the room and I brought some boullion cubes and made broth a few times. Everywhere we have been sells bottled water, even restaraunts. We went back to the Mexican restaraunt diagonal to the hotel, it is called Casa de Mole, and I had the chicken broth. It was so yummy! Most everyone can understand english here but I also put the Spanish translator on my iPhone and it did come in handy today at the restaraunt to say "clear liquid diet" so they gave me the soup without the chicken and rice in it. This is unbelievable since it was just soup, but I feel like I ate way to much of it. And I was eating it slowly.

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