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Anyone have surgery date of 03/23/2010?



This is my first time to make a blog. But I was wondering if anyone will be in Tijuana at OCC on that date? I am nervous and excited. Very scared. I want to be thin and free from this extra weight! I can't wait til I can feel like an airplane seat is big enough. I like to travel, but I HATE sitting next to people! And I want to put on a slinky black dress, and buy cute clothes and shoes! When I am overweight I wear dumpy clothes and shoes, because I just want to be invisible. I want to live my life in color again! Also, I don't know if anyone out there agrees with me on this, but it is so much easier to exercise when you are carrying less weight. It takes so much more effort when there is more weight, not to mention the fact that skinny people look more comfortable at the gym than me. Anyway I plan to start taking pictures now and maybe a new one every month of my journey, and I am going to keep a diary and food chart and a weight chart! Also does anyone know of things I should absolutely do in Tijuana? And does anyone know how the Marriott is? I am thinking I will chose that hotel, but I am not sure. Wish me luck!!!


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Hi Briangie,

I can totally relate to what you're saying - the heavier I've gotten the more and more I try to fade into the background of life and really stop living. I don't want that life anymore either and I know the band will be a great tool to help me find my hope.

I used to go to the gym all the time. I'm not going to say I loved it because i've never been a huge work out fan - but there is a difference between going when you're overweight and going when you're average weight. Most people that are already fit understand the dedication it takes to work out and so they aren't looking at you like "what are you doing here" But i'm still very self conscious about going. I hate how the cardio equipment is in rows - i feel like when I'm on the treadmill or eliptical by bootie is shaking all over the place and the people behind me are grossed out. lol......I laugh about it now - but it's embarassing and it's stopped me from working out the way i should be.

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Hello B2010,

I am having my surgery on the 18th of March. Yes...I am apprehensive as my name suggests. I have heard many good things about Dr. Ortiz and am OK with that.

I guess you and I may cross paths while in Tijuana. I am staying at the Marriott, so I am told. I just want this to hurry up and be done with. I am also hoping I choose the right diet. I think I will call Dr. Miranda Monday and tell her what I plan to do. I am doing that 7 day diet with nothing but shakes and salads....UGGGGGH. Anyway...leave me a note if you want to talk about this and put our minds at ease.

Good Luck with yours,

Looking forward,



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I started my pre-op diet 3 days ago. WOW! The first two days were rough but today was better. I am getting excited but am still scared!

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