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the battle with the nay-sayers



what a good place for a blog: a place where there are only those who are goign there/have been there.

ive told ONE non-obese friend about my decision to get banded and since then, she's said over and over how she doesnt approve and is not supportive. *sigh. i wish i hadnt told her until AFTER b/c i dont feel like fighting. but i'll be ok, it's less than a week away to listen to her "dont do it." i feel hope that it'll be easier to listen to, "i told you to not do it," when it's post band time. and if it gets to be too much, i will tell her firmly and plainly that she has said enough.

she sent me this email:

i'm rilly pushing for postpone on this band business, i've been researching and i don't see any way that it is a health plus. and there are some scary side effects too. and madam nu money 7 mil won??? more to say before you go please.

i replied:

this band business has been on my mind for 3 years, my mind will remain unchanged, i look forward to saturday with eagerness and optimism. but do continue to try to change my mind, ive prepared well for the battle with the non-obese, i know they think they are my ally and i will focus on their good intentions.

guys, she doesnt see ANY health plus to it? confirmation that i know im right in not putting stalk in a word she says. I sent a msg to about a dozen of my like-bodied friends, all but one sent replies of congratulations and encouragement and love. these non-obese people, i want to turn my head away from them for a while.


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