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The eighth day.



Eight, wow count em, eight. Day eight began with my coffee and figuring out the day. I had my shake about 9:30 after going to get milk. I moved my old chair into the basement and made room for the treadmill I bought. I put down a mat and power strip and ended my participation in this. Drank another shake around 2:30 and the guys delivering the treadmill called. They wanted to know if I was home. I said Yes and went outside and they were across the street. Trying to deliver it to my neighbors. Any way we got it inside and setup. It seems to work good. I ran it through a couple of programs and did about a mile on it. I had my Chicken Club Panini for supper I still don't have a clue what I weigh, but I am sticking to their diet so they can't complain. I have even been writing it down so I can show them back-up if I have to. Thanx TC all.


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