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18 Days Post Op



3 more days of liqiuds, i'm so excited. I feel great. The only thing I miss is spicy food. I eat alot of tomato soup and add tobasco, it's great! I'm down 11 lbs. today ~ that leaves me 39 more to go. No doubt i'll reach the 15% by my first fill. I'm so glad I went to OCC ~ i've had a few friends who went to a different clinic in TJ, 3 of the 5 have had to have their bands removed already, and had no success. 1 other is waiting for her insurance to approve removal, and there was 1 success story. Everybody i've talked to who went to OCC has had total success. Including my mother who lost 85 lbs. in 15 months and now wears a size 2/4 jeans!! Good luck.

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Thanks for sharing. In our competetive world it is really hard for one to know that they have made the absolute best choice. I paid extra to have Dr. Ortiz perform my lap band just because of the success stories I had read. Your blog only reaffirms that for me. Thanks!

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