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1 Month & 5 Days Post Op~



Feeling Great!! Down 13 lbs, not bad. I only have 50 lbs to lose so this is a great start. First fill on 5/13 coming up quick. I'm not going back to OCC, my family doc referred me to the lapband doc here in the clinic I go to. They were more than willing to take care of all my after care. Got me in quickly, exactly when I need my 1st fill, and my insurance has to cover it with my $10 co pay!!! Best part. Eating has been good, no problems. I started my first morning with eggs, expecting the worst. NO PROBLEM!! I stay away from the 4 NO NO's they told us about. BREAD, BAGELS, FLOUR TORTILLAS & STICKY RICE!! I have eaten toasted garlic bread, no problem. I thought I was going to have the hardest time not drinking with meals and an hour after. I used to drink a gallon of water a day, craved it. Now I don't even order iced tea at dinner, I drink water before and it doesn't really bother me. I think i'm eating about 1/4 of what I used to. I make sure I have a protein shake atleast 1 or 2 per day. I'm not hungry, i've even had a can of broth for lunch because I needed to eat but nothing sounded good. Will catch up again when I get my first fill. Good Luck


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I actually went to see my dr. before I went to OCC and told her what I was doing. She gave me the name of the lapband dr. at my clinic. I called his office and told them what I was doing and they said since i'm a member of the clinic all services are available to me, and insurance has to pay for it. It's a medical treatment that I need now. My mom's insurance was going to cover all of hers too, they were months out on appointments. She found another dr. 10 min. from home and he charges $70 for fills.

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