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Getting prepared for first fill



Hi Everyone, haven't been here in a long time. Took on some more clients and got a job working outside of the home so needless to say I've been busy busy.

I wanted to say that I have found that even without a fill I do have restriction. Not sure how much but I've been learning what I can and can't eat. I finally had my first pb experience. ugggghhh it was awful (well probably not as bad as it could have been) I ate about one tablespoon of rice and my whole system just stopped. I felt it inch down my throat and took about twenty minutes to actually feel better again. So lesson learned - won't eat rice again.

I've also noticed that there is NO way even if I wanted to eat what my mind wants to - that I could possibly do it. Whenever I think I'm going to sit down and finish even a chicken breast I can only finish about half.

I can tell the difference in restriction when eating protein vs. eating processed foods. I have way more restriction in eating just protein first. So for those that don't feel they have any restriction with or without a fill - make sure you're eating your protein first thing.

I'm a little nervous about getting a fill because of the fact that I already feel some restriction but will go to my first appointment in about a week and see how things go.

I've lost about 18 lbs so far 10 pre-surgery and 8 over the course of the last month. It's slow but steady so I'm happy with it.


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good for you...tell me where you by the book with the post op? for me, yeh the first 4 days but n day 5 I had few bites of things that are essentially liquid, but not consider and by the strict requirements probably dont count. (fat free pudding, yogurt) for examples. I also started creamy soups as early as I could. I drink the campbells kind and there is one the chicken mini noodle that does have some very small pasta that may be sliding down. I dont eat what left in the cup and if i feel some in my mouth I chew..chew.... chew. Do you think they will damage my success. I have lost 7-8 lbs, but dont want to mess up. The broths and juices were killing me. I sm so picky with drink that I wasn't taking in anything.

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Great Job B2010

I have scheduled my first fill for the 18th of May. I am kinda reluctant about doing this because I still have restriction...some days more than others. Actually, there are days I don't really feel much restriction at all and then other days....BIG TIME restriction. I am not sure I even need one but I figure the OCC team will help me make that decision. I know what you mean about being a bit nervous having this first fill. I am the same way, not due to the "pain" which I hear it is nothing,but I don't want to come all the way back home and have something go wrong. I am staying an extra night to see. So...keep us posted as to the difference you feel with your new fill amount in the band. I hope you have a fun/safe trip.

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