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Got Banded on 5/14/10!!!!!!



I just got banded on Friday. Everything went great. I'm home already and feeling good. No pain. I met wonderful Ladies at OCC. Hi Angela, Jackie and Cindy. Hope everyone is doing well. I'm on the liquid diet and so far on my third day I haven't felt hungry.

The staff at OCC are the best. I recommend this office to everyone who is thinking of getting the lap band. A very clean and safe place. Dr. So if you read this you were awesome and very informative. So far I loss ten pounds before my surgery and 3 pounds after the surgery. 13 pounds total!!!!!!

I had a few questions:

Are supposed to buy fat free popsicles or light juices?

Can I drink milk with my coffee?

Can we chew gum when we are on the liquid diet?

Do we continue to take the metamucill capsules and the cromiumun?


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I think the rule of thumb is when you are on liquid phase you don't have to worry too much about calorie count. Well I say - within reason :) I couldn't give up my coffee during the liquid phase so I would have creamer in my coffee. I don't think it made much difference but make sure to always drink water.

The water thing is something I'm still trying to get used to. When I can drink, when I can't - how much -etc...etc...

I drank regular cranberry juice a lot during this post-op phase and didn't go with the light version at all. I also chewed gum and not sure what the issue with that would be. I've read some people say not to - but I have and still do.

I would drink a lot of those special k protein waters in lemonade (pink) and I know they helped me survive that first couple of weeks. I definitely needed the extra protein.

If you are feeling tired, or worn out though I can't express enough to you how much drinking water will change that.

I didn't do the metamucil because honestly since I was on the liquid phase my body is MORE than regular :)

Best of luck and hang in there. It's a difficult time, but you will definitely learn a lot about yourself, your will power. I went through a lot of emotions during this time and it was as much a mental challenge as a physical one. I learned a lot about how I had been using food as an emotional crutch. The band has helped me deal with a lot of issues that I used to push down with food - and now because of the band - I can't do that anymore.

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