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I need to lose weight already!!



I guess I have nothin to say because I keep typing, deleting, typing, deleting...I just want to know that someone is out there who has been where I am and they get through this feeling. I will go get another fill, so I can eat less still. There's got to be more to this than the food issues. I am so tired of looking in the mirror at myself and not liking what I see!! How did I let myself go like this? Nobody looks anymore. I hope that changes. Good night.


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it's like you read my brain... i havent been able to get to the gym, so im not losing. and i do have restriction, so it's alot more frustrating when you eat so little and lose nothing. :( i think my hormones are getting the best of me. i can't believe i actually want to go to the gym. i've been getting off the bus about 10 blocks away from my house and walking the rest of the way to see if that helps... i'm staying off the scale for a while tho. it's too depressing... i think to myself.."how did i let myself go like this" all the time. but i know things will get better.. you should too... lets be patient

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Things will start moving again after your fill. I just had my 2nd fill and had original surgery on 3/15/10 in TJ. I had my fills done locally in Alaska but the doctor was all for me getting to my sweet spot asap - so after I had my first fill I waited for 2 weeks and didn't feel much restriction. As a matter of fact I was almost able to eat the way I was before surgery and it hadn't been like that as I have had some restriction following surgery. So now after having had my 2nd fill and approx 7cc in my 11cc band, I'm feeling restriction. I don't think it's too much at this point - but I dropped 3 lbs this week and it was the first loss I've had for a while.

You may just need more restriction because if you had restriction you wouldn't be able to eat as much and you would be able to drop some weight. I'm finally down to eating around 1/2 a cup of food and being satisfied. Now I'm more aware than ever what I'm putting in my body during meal time because I want to make sure I'm still getting the nutrients I need.

Also - make sure you are getting enough water. I don't like water myself but I have been working towards drinking much more than I have in the past.

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