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I can't figure out how I am supposed to feel



I went out to breakfast for Mother's Day, had a veggie burger with bacon. That's right. With onion rings. I ate it slowly and got most of it down without pain, never did feel really full, then felt sick all day. I have 5 cc's in my band now so I shouldn't be eating that much but it was like the floodgates opened and I could eat....so I ate. Needless to say, I really haven't lost any weight, what did I expect, that the fat would melt away? It's not, nothing has changed. Except that sometimes I forget what I'm doing and I eat quickly, it gets stuck, and I throw up and feel sick the rest of the night. That's what happened today, and when I told my daughter to get in the car, and I threw up in the bushes in the parking lot, she said "Mom, you threw up at Target too"...um, yeah, that was last week. I suck at this and it's affecting my family life. Here's the problem...when I eat, I eat till I get stuck, but then I just feel stuck, not full. And I am still HUNGRY so I want to keep eating even though I am STUCK and it's starting to hurt. Does anyone feel FULL after eating just the right portion or is that what full feels like now (stuck and painful?) Where is the nice warm full feeling I used to feel? That's my question and now here's my RANT:

I want to feel satisfied. Instead I just nibble all day and feel irritated. I want to taste my food and eat it warm. Instead I am concentrating intensely on chewing it really well which I don't enjoy. I still drink too much which is probably most of my weight loss issue. Now I am working too much and not surfing enough. Although I had a great surf vacation last month...but drank the whole week and gained 3 pounds. I think I am depressed, shit hit the fan with my job (went to straight commission) and my son moved out on his own and I miss his laughter, and my grouchy old husband is out of town for a week and I am bored without him, got this book "The Handbook for Lightning Survivors" that I guess I will read. Peace out.


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feel better stormy ur not alone. i feel like that sometimes... i just recently had my car break down (i let someone else borrow it) and he's not even offering to help. i don't have $ to get a new one OR a used one.. much less fix it! my bad took over my $ and im frustrated. i woke up with a stiff neck and im not losing weight. :( it's hard...but my point is YOU'RE NOT ALONE. feel better.

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oooh hang in there mama...everything happens for a reason and makes you a better person. Better. Feel better. I'm going to mex again. Not for a fill, just for a trip. Gotta be out of town. ha.

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I have similar feelings. I can eat almost as much as I did before being banded. I have the bad habit of eating too fast and taking too big of bites and then it gets stuck. I have thrown up about 3 times but at least the pain subsides after that. I have not lost very much weight and need to decrease my alcohol intake as that is probably adding to my problem. When I have a drink then I tend to overeat. I have had 2 fills and have 6cc's in my band. Dr. So said that most people need at least 8 cc's to feel full restriction. I guess I need to go back down. Hang in there.

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Hmmm, OK...8cc's seems like alot. Is the feeling of being stuck what it's supposed to feel like when you feel full, or are those 2 different feelings? I rarely feel full but if i am not careful, I definately get STUCK and sick. That's the worst! Tonight we went out for chinese and I could only eat the apetizers. They should have brought out the brocoli first :) haha. No drinking tonight though so that's good. I need to keep an eye on the drinking for sure. Maybe even quit and join AA??? Not because I am an alchie, but because it makes me fat. :) Anyone down to start an AA meeting for lap banders?

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