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Flavor and the rediscovery thereof



I started solids this past weekend and so far, so good! I have no experienced any PB'ing as yet and have been feeling full on very small portions. And the scale has backed this up as I have been able to lose close to 5 lbs. so far this week. So all in all, the transition to solids has been successful.

But let me tell you what has been the most exciting thing I have discovered since moving to solids: flavors. It has been astounding the things I have been able to taste. I think there are two reasons for this rebirth of flavor in my life.

One, having been on a three week liquid diet (with only a week's worth of creamy soups at that) I think damn near anything would have tasted good. Let's not kid ourselves and pretend that a bowl of broth sets our mouth's ablaze. That three week food vacation seems to have "reset" my taste buds to some degree. Even things that I am very familiar with somehow have a stronger taste than before, which I guess could be mental, but still!

Two, it occurred to me that my previous diet was very, very, very stale. I was living off of a mixture of pizza, burgers and subs. That is all I ever ate. And there is only so much flavor available from fast food/delivery places. Not only did this diet contribute directly to my weight problem, but it seems like it killed my ability to discern subtle flavors in things. That problem has now been solved.

So far, I have enjoyed some delicious roast beef hash with egg, some tilapia, broccoli, watermelon, steak and that is just the beginning! The foods on the horizon will be both flavorful, healthy, portioned properly and will, ultimately, lead me to my goal.


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