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The start



I had contacted the OCC 2 months ago and as of 2 days ago, made the commitment and am scheduled for surgery on 8/2/10. Feeling lots of trepidation and excitement. Part of that I know is finally getting to the place where I can admit my food addiction. The other is knowing I am finally going to do something about it. Will be starting the Pre op diet on the 13th. I wish it was already post surgery but the wait is good, let my head get wrapped around the new beginning. I am fortunate to have a loving supportive husband and friends (those I have let know). One of those dear friends has actually offered to be my traveling mate. Gotta love it.


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Congrats on your decision. It was not easy for me to finally make the decision about this surgery and then follow through, but now...I am so glad I did. I feel much better already. It was a challenge going though the different diets...such as the pre-op...eating just what is on the diet you chose. Then, there is the fasting diet prior to going in to surgery, then there is that wonderful liquid diet after the surgery. I was so wound up about knowing I was going to lose the weight I wanted, the time did go by fairly quick. AS I look back now, it was not bad at all. When I was actually on the liquid part of the post-op, I thought about the days...counting them off so I could actually have food with a crunch and or being able to chew something. It worked out fine.

Making this decision to have the surgery and the actual completion the surgery will create a big change in your life. There will be some tough times, but this site makes it rather easy to get advice, support and just for a sounding board when you just need to vent. Most people on here are very good about giving valuable information and are so willing to share ideas, trials and errors that they experienced and much more. So...as you see, I can begin to ramble. You just keep good thoughts, think of the long range rewards and most of all...remember you are making the right decision and going to the OCC is the best choice you have made thus far. Good luck, keep us posted as to your success.

Best of Luck,


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