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Getting Enough Protein?



Struggling with getting enough protein??? Me too!!

I recently discovered Fage Yogurt Total 0 (0% fat) - it's a Greek yogurt and it has 120 cal. and 20 g of protein per 8 oz., compared to 180+ cal. and 8 g protein for Yoplait, Activa, etc. It has the consistency of sour cream before you stir it. It is plain, so I've added 1 heaping Tblsp of honey to the big container to sweeten it and it's pretty tasty. You could also use Stevia or Agave nectar (both sold at Costco). I've seen the Fage at Costco, Safeway and Sprouts; Costco is cheaper (<$6 for a 35 oz. container).

I also found Premier Protein high protein shakes at Costco yesterday. 30 g of protein per drink, and only 160 cal. Slim-fast (and the generic brands of it) only have 10 g of protein and are 220 colories. PLUS, the Premier Protein drinks taste MUCH better than the weight loss shakes, and have only 1 g of sugar.

Hope this helps!


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Thanks for the info...I have done the greek yogurt off and on but my stomach get's upset with too much dairy..I have found protein drinks at GNC, which or not dairy...and uflavored protein powder I can add to food..just found these two items over the weekend..

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I just bought Super Whey Protein Shots at Walmart. They only had the fruit punch flavor and it tastes like cough syrup but at 2.9 ounces I really can do it as a shot and it's not all that bad. Here are the nutritional facts:

Calories 110

Trans fat 0

Sodium 65 mg

Potassium 30 mg

Total carbs 1g

Sugars 0

Protein 26g

They do contain milk ingredients so they might not be good for our friends who have trouble with dairy.

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