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Sleeve Surgery Post Op Day 10



I got an email from Lori today asking me to join and share my experience with my Sleeve surgery, so here I am.

A little background: I got a band in Oct. 2005, and did not follow instructions very well. I thought the band was going to be the miracle cure; I still wanted to eat, and did eat too much. I eventually got over-filled and ended up not being able to keep down solids. I tried to get help from a gastric doc in Phoenix, but none would see me since I had surgery in Mexico. I even had one tell me he was trained by Dr. Ortiz, but his malpractice insurance wouldn't let him see me. After 6 months of throwing up I finally called OCC. By then the band had slipped, and I just wanted it off! Dr. Martinez removed my band in Oct. 2008 and I have let my body heal and, of course, went back to eating. In a year and a half I re-gained all of my weight and knew I needed help. I opted for a Sleeve because I wanted the same results but feared the band issues I had before.

I scheduled surgery on July 2nd, and had the Sleeve operation on July 12th. I was 272 when I scheduled, and 259 the day of surgery. Today I am 255, but have been on a steroid for my asthma. I anticipate that when I finish it in 4 days the scale will show it. But I am losing inches as evidenced by my clothes.

Surgery was uneventful, except that I was nauseated coming out of anesthesia. I think I needed more zofran! I had pain from the drain tube, but once they removed it Saturday morning, life was good!! The tape they used to close the incision came off the next morning, and I had to go the the ER to get the incision closed up, but that is the only issue I've had related to the surgery.

Today is day 10 post-op and I feel GREAT. But I have to say that I am doing EVERYthing I am supposed to. I am being diligent about getting enough fluids, drinking only clear or creamy drinks/soups and yogurt, and getting enough protein. I am taking a chewable childrens vitamin (for now), Viactive (calcium), and just added the B12 complex (a liquid from Spring Valley, found at Wal-Mart) and iron today. I realized today that Viactive has less than half the calcium Dr. Miranda recommended, so I will be replacing it soon.

Dr. Martinez called this morning (have you ever had a US doc call to check on you, or give you his cell phone number?). I told him I am taking in about 700-800 calories a day, and about 25 grams of protein. He said to increase my protein, which I did today by adding another slim-fast. I also saw my primary care doc in the US at his recommendation for blood pressure meds he discovered I needed during my stay last week.

My typical food intake right now is 4 oz. Activa yogurt for breakfast, slim-fast late morning, broth or creamy tomato soup for lunch, gatorade in the afternoon, and broth/soup for dinner, then another slim-fast in the evening. I am also drinking water and tea all throughout the day.

I have been so blessed to find OCC, the doctors, nurses and staff there. I have had 3 surgeries with Dr. Ortiz and Dr. Martinez, and trust them completely. I have received exceptional care on every visit, whether it was surgery or fills, and from everyone I have interacted with. Dr. Ortiz is so positive and outgoing; he puts any pre-op concerns to rest. Dr. Martinez is the kindest doctor I have ever met. And Dr. So -- well, he's great, and those dimples!

I am happy to share my journey with you because I believe in my choice to have the surgery, and especially to have it at OCC.

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I am puzzled as to why you did not make a return trip to OCC when you were having problems? Why in the world would anyone throw up for 6 months? I honestly am not judging at all. With this wonderful tool (lapband) there is so much information given at the time of the surgery and this forum, it's hard for me to understand.

I had my surgery May of this year (2010). I just received my second fill. The results are amazing, I recommend the LapBand to anyone who asks how I am losing my weight. I work with a girl that has a lapband and she (knowingly) kept getting fills so she could lose her weight quickly...she ended up in the hospital with malnutrition, heart palpitations...

Anyway, I did want to say the LapBand is an amazing life changing tool...it needs to be used properly....

Good luck with your new journey....stay safe!

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