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Banded September 7th, 2010



My experience was fantastic with the band surgery. I had no pain or discomfort at all. I was up right after woke from surgery and began walking and sipping water and juices. I was able to leave the same day. My beginning weight was 328. I am using HCG injections from a local doctor and will track my results. The reason for this, after much study, is that because I am on a very low calorie diet, assisted by the appetite suppression of the lap band, the HCG will release fat stores and my body will consume the fat stores as opposed to muscle tissue. So, we will see what happens.

It is now Saturday 9/12. My weight today is 312.4, a loss of 15.6 lbs since the surgery. I receive daily HCG injections and have easily been able to stick to the liquid diet given by OCC. No hunger, no lightheadedness, feel absolutely fantastic. More energy than I have had in years. My legs, probably due to my excessive weight had become swollen and the skin, excessively dry. I have noticed that the swelling has reduced dramatically and my skin is starting to clear. So far, fantastic results.


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Congratulations on your surgery...I had mine on May 20. Having great results...I had the very same experience as you....no problems at all. I've had two fills and doing just fine....losing slowly (which is good). My question is...what is HCG injections? :rolleyes:

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