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Let's take this baby out for a test drive....



Hmmm, never had a BLOG before...this should be neat, a not-so-private journal... :)

Well, I am going to be faxing in my paperwork today, I guess that makes this WLS idea a little more real. I still haven't come to terms that I'm actually doing this. It's still so far-fetched to me that I will actually be flying into San Diego, California, be driven into Mexico and have surgery in 3 weeks. Seems like I have SO many questions to be answered, but everytime I get a chance to ask the question, I go blank.

Am I crazy for wanting this so bad? I literally giggled for 10 minutes when I got the email back for which date was mine. My husband was actually getting a little frustrated because I couldn't stop giggling to tell him what was going on. I was giddy, like a little kid that knew a big secret and was supposed to hide it from everyone. I was snickering, crying and laughing all at the same time. I dont think I can be anymore excited about this!

My nervousness is something entirely different though. I scared because I'm going at this alone. I really have no one around me to talk about it with, besides my husband, who, without a doubt is behind me 110%, but I just feel like my only focus right now is on this surgery. Every conversation, every topic, everyday. I've done everything I can to calm myself and convince myself, that I've made a good decision, with a reputable doctor. But it's so hard to fully grasp that, when your only idea of your doctor is what you've watched on YouTube or read on forums.

Hopefully I am ready for this. Hopefully I will learn to have willpower and be stronger than the food sitting in front of me. Thats my goal, to overpower the food for once instead of it winning the battle over me.


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You go Krista, you took a major step. In order for you to take that step you were ready.I flew to San Diego from Philadelphia and was picked up at the airport. The hospital is fantastic, all of the staff are wonderful. It will be a much better experience than in any US hospital. Every time I have been there I have felt I was a part of a large family. The staff is so wonderful and so eager to put you at ease. It still amazes me that they seem to know me personally when they have so many patients. While you are in the waiting area you will be in with other patients in various stages of various procedures. If no one is talking take it upon yourself to start a conversation, like I said before , it will feel like you are part of a family. We are actually members of a special club and so we share a special bond. No one who has not faced the struggle with weight can truly understand.

As far as questions are concerned, jot them down when they pop into your head. Trying to remember all of your questions is almost impossible. You hang in there and keep us updated on your journey =)

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Thank you SO much for your encouraging words! and it is SOOO true that unless you've struggled with weight, you don't understand. I guess thats sort of the position I'm in. I've made the decision for myself, but feel like I'm still trying to convince other people, because they just don't understand. But what matters to me, is that I'm doing this for myself. I want a happier, healthier future. :D And great idea to start jotting questions down now...I will definately start doing that! I will keep ya updated! Thanks Again!

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