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Pure Devastation!



Didn't get approved for financing. I don't think I've been this sick to my stomach before. I am so lost! I have been acting as though everything was going to work out. Started my pre-op dieting, packed my bags, was ready to start my new life. I am just devastated. I don't even know what to do now...

Maybe I will lose weight from all these tears I have been crying. No one around me understands why I'm so upset or why this meant so much.

I literally hate my life and where its headed, this was the answer to everything. And now its over.


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keep trying doll...look for other options. i was where you are now at one point and i kept trying. find a different co-signer just don't stop trying if you really want this. it all seemed like a dream to me, now i can't believe i have my little incision to keep reminding me why i should keep trying hard everyday. I just paid off the band yesterday and am really happy about it. the money came... 9 months late but i got it and I'm happy. I may not make sense since im just rambling...but if you really want it, keep trying. don't give in to defeat.

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Thanks Ladies...so much! I just dont know where to turn right now...I feel like we've exhausted every opportunity out there. I'm going to try and keep going but I feel like we're just hurting our credit even more by flling out sooo many applications. I just wish I could find the 1 person/company that'll understand me. If you have any miracle ideas, PLEASE don't hesitate to let me know...

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Krista please don't give up. I know that it is hard now but there is always a way. As all these ladies have said there must be another co-signer or lender that will be able to help you. I know exactly how you feel, I felt like the band would be the only thing to help me lose weight, now I am less that ten pounds from goal. Getting the band will be the best decision you eill ever make so don't stop fighting.

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