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Food Coma



Is it weird that it just dawned on me that I will NEVER again know what it's like to stuff my face to the point of no return? I grew up with 3 big brothers and a carnivore dad, and a mother that cooked to please our terrible eating habits. I don't blame my mother for our bad food choices because she always made sure we had our greens and veggies and never took us to fastfood places. I think we influenced her.. All the buffets we took her to, the easy $1 buck burger. I think now with me being banded she's re-learning that we all need to eat better. She's a very traditional Mexican cook. But I've introduced her to edemame, okra, ortichoke... Well a bunch of yummy foods you wouldn't really find in a Mexican pantry or freezer/fridge.. And I hope that now with my new found love for healthy foods I can inspire my family to follow in my foot steps. I'm not saying I don't slip up and have a bite of something greasy, but just the fact that I know I will never feel the overstuffed feeling from all the greasy food is the best gift I could've ever gave myself.

Now if only I can stop myself from ordering regular

meals and letting other eat the rest :/


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