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Size 22 to a Size 6



Never in my life did I think I would be a size 6, it started as a rough journey with a gastric band weighing 230lbs then it got easier with a gastric sleeve. I got banded with another doctor in Tijuana and I was always very tight and dehydrated. 5 months after, my band slipped and got it repositioned and yup it didnt work. I switched physicians and again he left me super tight, I had acid reflex for about two weeks, he said it was normal to sleep sitting down and gave me meds. Finally my brother recommended me to OCC and Dr. Martinez and Dr.So tried to save my band we tried it for about 8 months but I got tired of so many fills and unfills. I lost a total of 50 lbs but I wanted more and I wanted something permanent so Dr. Ortiz talked to me about the gastric sleeve and decided that was the best option for me. I got my sleeve March 17 2010 weighing at 175lbs and I love it!!!! And eight months later I was ready for my plastic surgery which I got Nov. 13 at OCC with Dr. Mendez. I had a tummy tuck with liposculpture and breast implants. This surgery I thought would be the most painful one but to be honest the most painful one was my gastric band. My plastic surgery was most of all uncomfortable due do the positioning and drainage. Dr. Mendez is awesome!!!! Now Im at a size 6 three weeks post op and weighing 130lbs. Im suppose to lose some more weight cause Im still very swollen. i cant wait to see the final result :) Im very happy and excited with all these changes, they all have been very positive!!! Thank You OCC!!!

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WOW i am so happy for you, i wpuld love to follow in your footsteps because your story sounds like mine, i have appt to see if my band stretched out or not. Are you able to get the sleeve while you have the band inserted????

Yes I got my sleeve when they removed the band.

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