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The Transition



Well here I am during transition week. I am so thankful that my first holiday season as a banded person is almost over. Overall I have to say it went pretty well, the emotions were high but I managed them. It was so interesting just how much the holidays brought up topics. This was a very trying time but I am proud that I made it through without the overeating that usually goes along with it, the band did its job. Another thing I had to face was my aversion to exercise and the reality that I am going to have to work out in order to loose weight. So I have the week off and I have signed up for a trial period to see if I like 24 hour fitness gym..this would be ideal since it allows for my busy work schedule..so far I have gone two days and it seems like this may work for me. What doesn't work is dwelling on food, what works, what doesn't, what is good, what is bad, all these things don't work...I remember now why I originally got the band...so I don't have to dwell on it..so I can eat what I want..just less. The only thing I can't change is my reaction to sugar, this I can't change, so instead I will have to learn how to change this.


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