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2 month anniversary



Well, this is my 1st blog ever. Yeah me. June 11 will be my 2 month anniversary for sleeve plication surgery..just thought My starting weight was 242. I am now at 194, 15 lbs were lost post surgery.

Some of the positives since my journey began; I know longer use a cpap machine to sleep. Asthma has improved. I can cross my legs. I can tie my shoes. My legs dont hurt when I take a walk.

Some of the negative-positives; Sweet foods make me sick, even artificially sweetened. Fast food, and most restuarants dont have anything I really want to eat.

Some of the negatives; MY UNDIES ARE TOO BIG!!


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Undies to big is a positive! Congrats on the weight loss! I am thinking of having a surgery myself! I am just so undecided on which should I get! lap band, gastric bypass or the sleeve! Congrats again!

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Great Job Sandie- Can I ask how tall you are? I am 5'7 and almost the same weight. Just the thought of being under #200 makes me giddy....especially in only 2 months. Did you say that only 15lbs was post surg? So you lost most of your wt before on the pre-op diet? I would love to hear how your doing. I'm planning on the lap-band. Curious to know why you did the sleeve instead

Keep up the great work


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