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I need help making a decision!



Hello everyone! The reason for my change. There are so many reasons I am thinking of having the lap band procedure, it crazy! So many simple tasks that I am unable to do because of my weight i.e. polish my toe nails. That really hurts to think about it. I am considering the lap band procedure. I really would just like some feedback positive and negative on if this is truly the best option.

Now a little on me! I am 27 no kids no husband no life and I blame it all on my weight gain. In high school I was a cheerleader so I am no stranger to being active. Now 7yrs later I am at 365lbs. Every time I go on a "DIET" I may lose 15lbs at the most before I become discouraged and fall back into old habits! I truly believe that my metabolism has slow down almost completely and that is the reason that I can't seem to shake the weight. My family and friends do not support my decisions to have the surgery, simply because of the possible complications!

So I guess my questions are how many of you regret having the surgery?

How many are you are satisfied with your results?

I plan to use (edited), Has anyone used them, if so what are your thought about the process?

What is the best procedure to go with... ie lapband, gastric bypass, or the sleeve?

Any feedback that you can lend is greatly appreciated!


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Hi Sivad,

I'm flying down tomorrow for gastric plication. I did a lot of research and the plication has the least complications. I was almost 30 when I started gaining weight so I know how you feel. The bottom line is you are the one that has to live. Period. With or without the surgery. You have to look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself what you want out of your life. If diet and exercise were all that it took, we wouldn't be spending billions of dollars on the weight loss industry and still be getting fatter. Read every page on here. Google and look for information off of this site. Look up You Tube videos. Then make the decision for yourself. No one else lives in your body but you.

Good luck!!


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i just had the band done on june 14th and when i stared the pre op diet i was 293 and just a month after starting the whole thing i am already down 22 lbs..... I struggle with if i made the right choice between the band and the plication but i am very happy and i cant wait to join curves and start loosing more weight.... It is the best thing i have done and i say eveyone should have it done... The place is nice the people are nice and it is worth it ......

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