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3 weeks 2 days post plication



Hi All,

Here is an update on my plication journey. I had the surgery on June 8th and everything went well. I hung out in my hotel room in TJ until the 10th and then spent a few days in San Diego. That was a little difficult because the diet that first week is so restrictive and it is hard to find broth at upscale restaurants!! So, I wouldn't recommend combining a San Diego vacation with the trip. Others have done it and have enjoyed their time. I just felt like I couldn't get my money's worth and rather had saved the money!

The first 2 weeks, for me, were difficult. First,I was hungry all the time, starving! Dr. Miranda suggested that I start drinking the protein drinks before the recommendation. That helped with the hunger, but then I had sour stomach and I was so nauseous! Just the smell of things made me sick!! Dr. So suggested that I get some Malox, and that did the trick! Everything settled down.

Now, if you are considering the surgery, please don't let this scare you. I contacted other people who had their surgery the same day I did and they had no problems at all!! I have always had a "weak stomach" and lived my life waking up nauseated! So it isn't really a surprise that this is the reaction I had. But I did what I was told, followed the Doctor's instructions and it all worked like they said it would! (That rarely happens with the doctors I see in the US!!) Strangely, the nausea that I had nearly every morning of my life is gone! Perhaps it's the change in the food I'm eating?

Today, I eat a little every couple of hours. I'll have a protein shake for breakfast, a baby bell cheese (light) a couple of hours later, then a cup of yogurt around lunch and some tomato soup for dinner. I eat when I'm hungry, but I can't eat much before I'm full! It's like a dream come true. Today I went downtown for lunch with friends and had some Ethiopian food. Delicious! I ate very little, and then brought the rest home for dinner - where I have eaten too much (about half a plate) so now I'm really uncomfortable (Think gorging yourself during Thanksgiving dinner!). Next time I'll be much more mindful of how much I eat and make sure I don't eat more than I need.

Another difference the surgery made for me? I have lost my desire for coffee!! Hello?? I live in Portland and I love my coffee!! Not anymore. It just doesn't appeal to me anymore! Think of all the calories that I'm saving from not using half & half!!

"Yes" you ask, "but are you losing weight?" I've lost 20 lbs. Over the past 15 years, every day I stepped on the scale and it just kept creeping up! All the diets, all the weight loss programs, the personal trainers... the weight just kept going up. Not anymore. Now I step on the scale and it's creeping down!! It's like the last 15 years are rewinding!! I feel it most in my legs! I can cross them, they don't FEEL so big and heavy anymore! And I have this desire to strength train! I want my legs and arms to feel strong.. I NEED them to be strong!

So... that's my journey so far.


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