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Nine days pre op



Tomorrow is Sept. 1st and my banding date is Friday Sept. 9th. My Hubby and I will be flying to SD early Fri morning and will get to OCC before 8am.

It has been difficult convincing friends and my doctor that I will be ok going to Mexico to have Lap Band surgery. I am born and raised in Germany and don't think the USA is the greatest in the medical field.

I went to the OCC a few weeks ago for consultation/ tour and knew I was in the right place.

Dr Ortiz is right now in Germany as a Key Speaker at a Convention for obesity surgeries. Last monday he took the time and expense to receive (in Germany) a call from my Dr to ensure her of his qualifications.

So now that I have everybody believing I will be OK I have to work on myself.......lol

I don't think Im scared of the procedure but of my live with the band!


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