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OK... it is 9/11 and I am back home in Las Vegas since yesterday afternoon.

My surgery was a walk in the park. ( lap band), It was a bit hecktic at the OCC because there was a major power outage in the whole SW of the US which also effected TJ the day before.

My hubby and I flew in early friday morning and got to the OCC about 8am.

After a short wait we got to see Dr. Miranda who informed me I was made 47% out of fat ......

She wants me down to 144 pounds (wow) My starting weight was 200 and surgery weight 187. I am 5'6" tall. Even 155 pounds is a dream.

I then had my blood drawn and saw the cardiologist. did a great job blowing, passed my EKG and then got into my room.

i was starting to get a headache so the nurse hooked my IV up and injected all the groovy stuff and i was a happy camper, lol.

I remember walking into the OR and thinking how nice everyone was.

Next thing I was back in my bed talking to Dr. Ortiz.

My husband said i was only gone for about 20 min!!!!

As soon As I could I got up walking around and using the bathroom. My IV was removed, I got dressed and we where on the way to the Marriott.

My husband ordered room service. Salmon for him and chicken broth and home made popsicles for me.

after dinner we took a cab to a store to get juices and some Retin-a for my friend, lol.

Next morning we took another cab to go to revolution st. walked around a bit, bought some silly stuff and went back to the hotel. The driver picked us up at 11am to get us back to San Diego airport.

Sooo, now I am sitting at home kinda bored.

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