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2nd Week of Lap-Band



:D - this is the start of my second week since my sugery and I couldn't be happier! So far life with the band is going great! My engery is up, I'm down 15 pounds and I'm not hungry.

My wounds are healing very nicely. So far no complaints. Next week I start eating solid foods and I'm excited about that as well. :D


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WTG!! What have you been eating? I am also on week two, I lost 11 pounds as of day 7. I have been eating yogurt, pudding, jello and I just started eating soup, boy does that taste good. I have had no problems at all, nothing. I wounds are healing and you can hardly see any swelling.

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Was wondering how the solid food diet is going? Any advise. What's work and not working for you?

My doctor put me on a great diet that includes Monavie. Taking 2 ounces of Monavie in the AM and 2 ounces in the early evening ensure that I am getting 10 t0 13 servings of fruits a day with the highest antioxidants found in any food! For only about 100 calories . It is a no brainer- easy, gives me tons of energy, I sleep better, my skin glows and I know I have given my body what it needs. It sure takes the stress and guess work out of eating right.

For any info- http://www.Monavie-losangeles.com

Among the reported benefits/features of this deep purple berry are: High levels of dietary fiber –

High levels of essential amino acids and trace minerals - High levels of plant sterols –

Essential fatty acids ratio that resembles olive oil - Protein profile similar to eggs –

Very low sugar content - High levels of antioxidants

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