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Day 6 post band



I never wanted a Slimfast so bad in my life. Thank God for the (Day 6-10) option on the liquid diet sheet.

I have felt really good everyday since my surgery, except for last night...not sure what happened. I drank the liquid (diluted per instructions for soup) from drained chicken soup instead of chicken broth out of the box. I also had some Starbucks black tea for the first time...and it was the first day I remembered I needed to take vitamins. Whatever the case, I had an uncomfortable feeling all night. Not pukey, just...bloated..? Luckily, I've been fine today :)

I made my decision to do the band at 260 pounds, about the middle of October 2011, and as of this morning I was down an official 20 pounds. My short term goal is to be 199. I'm sure anyone reading this, gets it.

Getting ready for soup tomorrow or the next day.


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im on day three of liquids... my stomach gurgles sound like they are singing the Anvil Chorus. The largest incision site from the surgery is mildly uncomfortable.. not so much painful (try having a baby, now thats painful.. this is nothin...) if i move a little sideways i think i can feel the tubing connected to the port shift.. now thats a weird feeling for sure. I keep reminding myself why I did this thing.. turning myself into a banded- borg.... I did it to survive. So the discomfort of watery diarrhea, drinking my meals and listening to the growls of my stomach are nothing compared to the social death sentence of obesity. I wont whine too much. I think I'll go eat a popsicle instead.

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Hang in there MsIrvine!! You are in the worst of it right now...so, you know...it get's better from here :) I'm 8 days post first fill now...and down 40 lbs. Slow spots...but you'll do great during this time!! Congrats....!!

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Hi ladies just wondering how it feels after the first fill? Today I am 6 days post op (band)

Not too bad, adding some OJ and liquid yogurt to spice it up haha. Have the growls as well so glad to hear its a common thing.

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Hi Annie...

It has been a bigger adjustment post fill, then after my 21 days. I have to be much more careful...you know...chew chew chew! And really go slow. If I eat anything too fast...and I don't gobble anything really...I get a really bad heartburn feeling...and I've had to ~get it out~ 4 or 5 times. It's not a dramatic event, but I really try to avoid it, because I don't want to slip my band. I've lost 3.5 pounds since my last post on 2/11. I find myself wishing it was more weight - faster....but you know...slow and steady is a good thing. I was talking to a grrlfriend today and she reminded me where I was...not ~that~ long ago....and where would I be in 6 months from now....and I realized, it really was pretty fast...and I should be stoked. I try not to trip on the scale too much....I just like getting into the 'next bracket' (I call it) I started in the 260's and now I'm in the 220's....those teens just seem so elusive...LOL! I need to figure out how to post pictures...anyway...I went off on a ramble....GOOD LUCK, hang tight...I'm SO GLAD I DID THIS!


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