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First week is over Mar 17th



Since the day that I first decided to do this to now, well it has flown by. The sealing deal for me in taking this step was talking to a friend who also needed to lose weight, wanted to join me in this journey. That was helpful, because I really did not want to do this alone. Now, after it is all done, I think I would have been just fine but you never know until you do it but if anyone is reading this saying I can't do this by myself, trust me, you are in safe hands, it was great.

I had surgery March 9th, had all my prep work and met with the nutrionist who was so sweet, my heart and lungs checked, I was good. Lost my 10pds before too. THen it was off to the back in my own little room, which was very comfortable and relaxing. Then I had the chance to meet the doctor Dr.Ortiz, he was funny, confident, and reasuring. I was good. (He is not to hard on the eyes either). From there met the rest of the team and wow they are fantastic, all had great smiles and just made me feel good. Soon, surgery was over!Just like that!

They had me up and walking right away, and the doctors all came in and talked to me regarding food, water,etc. I told him I wanted to be a representitive for him in AB. At this point I was just so happy I wanted to share it all, still do.lol..

SInce surgery I have been fallowing my liquid diet and I am down 12 more pds. I do feel some restriction so that is great, and making sure I get water in too.

Why did I decide to do this? I was tired of this feeling, like alot of you..I was tired of avoiding functions, friends, and life in general. I refused to go home for friend reunions because I just didnt want to feel like the fat one, even though I was..Also, when I left home, I use to model, and that is what alot of people remember me by, so I really didnt want the looks..As I get older, it is more now, I want to live life, I want to kayak, hike and just get out there more...So here I am..one week done..and moving forward....Excited to see what comes next...


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Hi lannae,

I had plication on march 30th 2012 , I had lost 12 pounds pre-op and now I am a week post op and I have pu ton a pound after a week of soups and protein drinks, I feel very dissappointed, did you lose from day one after the surgery or was it more gradual......


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I am one week out from surgery. I feel "full" much of the time but have not had any p'bing, just brief hicups a couple of times, probably from drinking too quickly. I feel I have lost weight. Funny, I flew to a friend's home for a one week post op visit to avoid too many flight connections on the day after surgery. She does not even have a scale, but I have noticed she goes out with her dog to walk twice daily. that is a good goal. I enjoy zumba and other exercise groups that are offered at my local fitness club, and I am looking forward to getting back into my routine in a couple more weeks.

To respond to your question, I don't know how much I have lost, but I do feel I have lost weight. The first week of only clear liquids was okay, as I truly did not have any hunger. When I added the liquid yogurt, I had diarrhea for a day or two and then decided to take metamucil to address this and it has helped. I remember reading that we should keep the "full" liquids to three servings per day. I have done that except today. Maybe I was bouncing back after the diarrhea; but I did go over three servings today. I am still gassy; I was interested to read about the supplement that someone recommended. I will definitely look that one up and give it a try. I thought I would have a hard time staying away from carbonated beverages, but that has not been difficult at all. Hang in there, KS, best wishes. I am just a couple of days behind you. Keep posting!

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I never saw that anyone posted so sorry!!!! Yes my weight loss has been gradual but steady, walking, some weights and protein first..

Down 50pds to date..yay!! Feel so good, still look at pictures though and think, can I tell, but, I can feel it especially those little things such as crossing my legs,clothes fitting, fitting in chairs with no problem...Just little things stop me and say, wow!!! I would still like to lose about 30 more!! Things are well...keep going everyone!!!

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