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My band to sleeve journey



I've been debating on this for almost a year - to keep my band and see how it goes, or revise to the sleeve.

I had a GREAT relationship with my band for almost 5 years. Did really well, got the weight off and kept it off. But in February of last year, I started developing some reflux, not bad, but went in to get a check up and discovered I had a stretched pouch. Some of the medication my US doctor has started me on was causing inflammation under my band, which has caused some over restriction, which caused the pouch dilation. I had all the fill removed from my band for quite awhile, then got my fill again - but didn't have much restriction. Then I had to have a surgery, so I had to get unfilled, then had an accident and severed the tendon in my foot (end of July 2011) - had to have surgery on that, got another fill - was too much, had a bit of an unfill - not enough, had to have yet another surgery to repair my foot in December 2011... so here I am, can't find the sweet spot with my band, still taking lots of medications, and now its March 2012, and I've been non-ambulatory for 8 months +. Yes, 8 months. I just got permission to start walking a bit last week. Finally out of a cast, step on the scale, and let's just say, I'm not pleased with what I find. I was expecting it. Basically I've been in bed for 8+months now. Only getting around using a scooter. I'm up 20 pounds and not happy about it! I never got all the way down to my goal, so this 20 pounds, really adds up to me needing to lose 40 to really be where I'd like to be! I'm not blaming my band. There have just been a combination of events (including a lot of really good - church lady delivered meals - and me with not enough restriction and being completely sedentary) - that have led to this decision.

I feel like I need to "step it up a bit" since I can't get to that sweet spot, the scale is going in the wrong direction. And I seriously need to get the weight off as that will help my physical therapy for my foot (and my back!) if I can be at a healthier weight and not have the back and forth of the band.

i've spoken with MANY sleeve revision patients at this point and most are so thrilled with their sleeve revision (i actually got a bit jealous!). So far, I really only know of 1 person that has really struggled after their revision to the sleeve. I know everyone is different, so my experience will be my own, but the purpose of starting this blog is so you can follow how my experience goes.

My sleeve revision is currently scheduled for April 16th and i will keep you posted on my journey :)

I'm excited and of course, a little nervous, but I KNOW i'm in the best hands! I've worked with Dr. Ortiz and Dr. Martinez for almost 6 years now and I absolutely trust them with my life! Its why I work for OCC! I'm always a patient first with them.

You know how to reach me at OCC 1-866-376-7849 ext. 81 or lori@obesitycontrolcenter.com if you have any questions about my journey or are considering a revision surgery of your own.

stay tuned....


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