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Band to Sleeve Journey - nerves



Is it crazy that I'm a little nervous about my sleeve revision surgery? As the days go by I kind of just wish it was already over.

The reason I ask, "Is it crazy" is because, I'm the Patient Coordinator. I'm the one always reassuring patients, explaining the details, and helping them through the process. I know everything will be just fine, I really do. But, this is my process, about everything. Turning it over and over, questionning my decisions, wondering if I tried hard enough or should have tried something else. Is that a "woman" thing?

I've thought about this for quite awhile now, and I know the sleeve is where I want to go and I'm excited about it. I'm ready for a change! I'm in a bit of a catch 22 because of some physical limitations, I can't exercise my way to a healthier weight, at least not yet, but with the loss of more weight, my physical activity will improve, my back will improve, even recovery from my 2 foot surgeries will improve as I decrease my weight.

If anyone else is going through this, I'd be happy to discuss it with you. Review your options with you, and reassure you about your choices.

I'm excited about what the future brings, but, as always, I will continue to question myself.


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