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I think we all reach this stage in the pre-op diet where we start to think maybe I don't need to do this surgery, I'm losing weight OK - can't I just keep going and FINALLY keep this weight off all by myself? Well if 35 years of history tell me anything (yes, dieting in some shape or form since age 12) the answer to that question is NO! For some people, keeping off the weight hasn't been a problem. For 95% of us, that is the biggest problem. It has never been about losing the weight for me, its been the long haul keeping it off that has eluded me until I got my band in 2006. Now I'm on the pre-op diet preparing for my band removal/sleeve revision surgery, and those same questions are starting to haunt me... I'm doing it, I'm losing weight again, do I really need to have this revision surgery? The answer is YES! I know I do. I'm no longer having success with my band, if you've read my other blog entries, you'll know we've been besties for a long time, but the relationship is strained now, due to injury, accident, medications, stretched pouch, port pain... its time for a change. And I know that without this revision surgery, the weight will continue to creep on, and this loss I'm having on the liquid diet, will be short lived. I don't have consistent restriction with my band anymore, in fact, I really don't have much restriction at all. (for all your bandsters doing so well, please don't be scared about my experience, I am not the norm for a bandster!! Keep on keepin' on!!! and yes, I will miss my band!)

So, for all of us that struggle with the question, do I really need that surgery when i'm doing so well on the pre-op diet, the answer for most of us is, YES!!!!.. to help me keep up with the loss, and to keep the weight off... YES! I need it, and i'm not ashamed to ask for and get the help that I need and want to get healthier, and stay that way long term!


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Hi Lori,

I do wish you luck on your journey and I hope your results are different from mine, but have to say I got the gastric bypass on march the 30th and after 10 days of the post op diet, I have NOT LOST ONE POUND...on the pre op diet I lost 12 pounds on my own with slimfast and lean cusines for dinners ....not sure why this is happening so I have called the nurtitionist Dr Marinda last sunday and have not had a call back from her...I have tried drinking more fluids and cutting back on my protein shakes but that resulted in a 3 pound loss , and the next day I was right back up to my post op diet...so I would have to say , that today right here and now I really wish I had not had the surgery done and am very seriusly thinking of having it reversed....my daughter came down with me fand also had the surgery and to date her weightl loss has been the same as mine ZERO.....so not to sound like a downer, I would seriously rethink about having the surgery... OCC was

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Ksanford, i don't think you meant bypass, we didn't do a bypass on 3/30. It is not uncommon to not see a large drop the first couple of weeks after surgery, because you will retain some fluids and swelling shortly after surgery. You should see a loss coming shortly. You should still be on the liquid phase, so even if you aren't seeing it on the scale, you should be seeing it in your clothes.

Even after I had my original band surgery, the first 10 days I only dropped a pound, but as I headed into the end of the 2nd week and into the 3rd week it really started coming off. That is pretty normal.

Dr. Miranda is in her office right now so you should give her a call 1-866-376-7849 ext. 86.

Don't get discouraged! You should see the weight coming off any day now!

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