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Family causing anxiety

Paula Bee


Today is the first day that I have felt stress from my family, and it is arising because family members, (other than my husband,) are worried about me going alone for the procedure. My crippled brother called and wanted to DRIVE TO JACKSONVILLE (10 hours) so he could go on the plane with me and make sure I was okay.

My husband has been with me to OCC two of the three times I have gone, and he knows that I will be well cared for, and the surgical procedure is with one of the best bariatric surgeons in the world. He got so mad over my siblings butting in to our business, and I think it is because, deep down, he wishes he could go.

We really are not worried, except for my discomfort on the plane. It is so embarassing to ask for a seatbelt extender and to find myself spilling over into the next seat. Also, I am having pain in my left knee and hip, but they have put me on the aisle where I can stretch that leg. I have a wheelchair arranged to take me from one gate to the other on the layovers. I really think we have done everything we can do to make the flight the least painful it can be. Funny... we are more worried about the flight than the surgery.

In the mean time, I haven't told anyone in my family except my oldest son, who will be one of the people who can check on me or make decisions. I have told everyone else that I am going to have my lapband worked on, (which is true.) I am just not up for any lectures on how the band didn't work and what makes me think that this will be more successful..... yada, yada.


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Paula - its tough when we make a decision that we know is in our best interest, and we are going to a well known and trusted facility, and someone hears "mexico" and makes an assumption!

You know your body better then anybody does, and you have done your research. Rest assured in your knowledge and not the misinformation of others. We will take great care of you :)

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Hi Paula, I am just outside of the jacksonville area, maybe we could get in touch. Now that I have scheduled my surgery, people not even related to me want to chime in on my decision, but I feel great about my choice and I just don't respond to them. They are uninformed, so what they say doesn't really have an impact on what I am doing. When is your surgery?

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Carol, I would love to meet you. Your surgery is a week after mine. Did you go to the Memorial Hospital meeting? I had them unfill my lapband for the last time, and the doc was just terse. I figured I would never see him again, so I blew it off. I wouldn't want them to do my surgery, however.

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