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Woohooo.... i'm so relieved (literally!) the Soy Protein seems to be making me feel better (read my last post about Whey protein and it being a milk derivitive).

I started on the EAS Soy Protein (chocolate flavored) last night, mixed with some light chocolate soy milk, with a spinkle of the PB2 Chocolate Peanut Butter Powder (if you haven't heard of PB2 you really should look it up, you get the flavor of peanut butter without all that fat! - I get mine on Amazon, but I've heard some Wal-Marts carry it)

Anyway... I had a shake last night and one this morning and so far... no "issues" My tummy feels better, my intestines are not screaming, and well, I'm not getting as much exercise as I have been the last few days - if you don't understand what I mean, just think about it LOL

I leave tomorrow to head to the hotel then get an early start on Monday for pre-ops & surgery.

I'm nervous, excited, nervous, excited... but most of all, I'm ready!


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Doing the happy dance for you! (Don't try to picture that... an obese woman doing the happy dance will burn your brain.) Thanks for the EAS information. I think I am having some issues, too, as I am having wayyy more gas than I did before going to the liquid phase. Will be thinking of you and praying for you all day Monday.. Angels will guide Dr. Ortiz's hands, as they always have.

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Hi LoriBecky,

I have had to find ways to get in my protein and it had to be soy with about two years of experimentation. The EAS carb RTD shake is a life saver on many busy mornings but I also found an excellant soy protein powder which I use in my own drinks..Netrition (online site) is great for all of this including the PB2 powder. Another life savor for protein is ProStat- a shot of that in the morning really helps me to get all that protein in...of course I have at times added beano because go figure soy is a bean.. :)

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Wow.. as I get closer to surgery, I am finding that the protein shakes are not agreeing with me. I am going to throw some lactaid in with them, and I ordered some soy protein shakes....

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I tried my protein shots -but they gave me incredible heartburn, so i'm just trying to get down as much fo the protein shake as I can, but I only do it in the evening as I MUST be close to a bathroom!! Even with the Soy Protein. I'm not sure why i'm having so much trouble with a Soy based shake which has no lactose in it. Not sure what to try next. I'm thinking next week, when i'm in my "mushy stage" I may just go back to the protein bar, but melt it as I eat it - the protein bars NEVER gave me trouble like these shakes have been! Dr. Martinez said as a revision patient, it may be 6 weeks before we really loosen up some on the over restriction because of all the inflammation...

I did cheat today, not because I was planning on it... I was making home made mac and cheese for my son's swim team pasta feed, and i was checking "doneness" of the pasta and before i knew it - i had popped it in my mouth, chewed it and swallowed it before I realized what I was doing. Thankfully it was cooked well, and I had chewed it well (almost 6 years of living with a band!) and had no issues... except that I wanted MORE of it LOL

I'm really ready to eat some food... I know it won't be much, but I'm anxious! Mash potatoes on Monday. If you haven't seen this brand - they used to sell at Costco, but now I have to buy from Amazon - its all natural and only has 3 ingredients - potatoes, salt, and butter. You can make it low fat by using water instead of milk to make them. http://www.amazon.com/Honest-Natural-Potatoes-8-Serving-Pouches/dp/B00488N8KY/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1336100007&sr=8-6

We always keep these around, the kiddo's love making them.

I may have to look into the ProStat, or just hope as I get further from surgery, the heart burn decreases with the protein shots I already have.

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